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Grandmas Project is a collaborative web-series sharing the recipes and stories of grandmas around the world, filmed by their grandchildren. Here you can watch films, apply as a filmmaker, explore recipes, share stories about your own grandma – and more.

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a recipe by Dona Rosa, a film by Mathias Mangin

Brazil - Lebanon

Lait de poule

a recipe by Mamie Yoda, a film by Irvin Anneix



a recipe by Nano, a film by Jonas Pariente

Egypt - France


If you’re a professional filmmaker or film student and want to submit a proposal for your own Grandma film, please apply through our call for projects (closes July 16, 2016). Selected filmmakers have to follow three simple rules

filming their own grandma

showing one recipe

in a 8 minute film

not a filmmaker? no worries!

We’re welcoming contributions from anyone. Send us one photo of your grandma and a short text about her or simply use the hashtag #grandmasproject on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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by Anita



Born in 1926 grandma is a pre independence child. She was married off early in life at the age of…

Nonna Lella

by Carlo Faenza



“Nonna Lella is the prototype of the ‘Italian grandmother’. Her life’s mission is to feed you until you drop unconscious…

Mamie Lucienne

by Benjo

Algeria - France


“Mamie Lucienne, notre mamie à tous, est née en Algérie avant de rejoindre Paris avec son mari et ses enfants.…


by Megan Hustad



“Marian made sure her grandchildren knew how to pick fruit when ripe, not before. Here’s she standing by an apple…

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press quotes

(Français) « Avec ce projet c’est l’envie de partager, de conserver, de transmettre qui aujourd’hui est important. La mémoire disparaît et on en a besoin »

“What’s trending right now is to participate to Grandmas Project”

“It is not only spices and olive oil but memory and transmission”

“Avós são sempre avós, em todo lugar: cheias de mimos, apelidos carinhosos (às vezes a paciência um pouco curta), e muita história para contar”

“An idea both endearing and appealing!”