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Grandmas Project is a collaborative web-series sharing the recipes and stories of grandmas around the world, filmed by their grandchildren. Here you can watch films, apply as a filmmaker, explore recipes, share stories about your own grandma – and more.

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Moskva Torta

a recipe by Zaga, a film by Mila Turajlić


Tortilla de Patatas

a recipe by Juana Garcia, a film by Mélody Da Fonseca

Spain - France

Minestra di Verdure

a recipe by Nonna, a film by Lola Bessis

France - Italia

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If you’re a professional filmmaker or film student and want to submit a proposal for your own Grandma film, please click here to be added to our contact list. We expect to launch a new call for filmmakers in 2023 and will get back to you then. Selected filmmakers have to follow three simple rules:

filming their own grandma

showing one recipe

in a 8 minute film

not a filmmaker? no worries!

We’re welcoming contributions from anyone. Send us one photo of your grandma and a short text about her or simply use the hashtag #grandmasproject on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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by Nihal



“The picture attached to the story belongs to a time before World War II (around 1934- 1935): Before my grandmother…


by Cathie Fidler



“My paternal grandmother, Sonia Fidler (whom I called “Babouchka”) was born in 1888 in Balti(city of the Russian Empire, now…


by Cécile Fimbel

(Français) Egypte


Lucie, my maternal grandmother, was the most adorable granny. But before being a granny, she had been a young girl…


by Rachel



Mamie Jeanne a une force incroyable. Du haut de ses presque 86 ans, elle est toujours positive, dans l’action, et…

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press quotes

“Talking about food means so much more than talking about food.”

(Français) « Avec ce projet c’est l’envie de partager, de conserver, de transmettre qui aujourd’hui est important. La mémoire disparaît et on en a besoin »

“What’s trending right now is to participate to Grandmas Project”

“It is not only spices and olive oil but memory and transmission”

“Avós são sempre avós, em todo lugar: cheias de mimos, apelidos carinhosos (às vezes a paciência um pouco curta), e muita história para contar”

“An idea both endearing and appealing!”